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Tinterz paint protection film aka clear bra installation services provide the most comprehensive protection in Orlando. As a performance or new car owner, you have to shield your vehicle’s exterior from damage and protect it from scratches, rock chips, & other destructive elements. We carry the best film on the market by PremiumShield backed by a 10 year warranty! Get yourself free quote today with us for that peace of mind tomorrow! 

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PremiumShield paint protection films are the most effective paint protection worldwide. Patented, innovative technologies have helped create a product that provides maximum protection for paint while maintaining optical invisibility. Your vehicle is protected against the formation of chips, sandblasting, scratches, the harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, and other roadway hazards.
With the addition of our Cut Studio Software we have an extensive line of pre-cut patterns available for download. Saving you time and money on your install

Keeps your car looking new and shiny

PPF provides a permanent protective coat over your car’s paint, which helps you in keeping your car’s look new and shiny for a lot longer. Paint protection prevents your car’s paint from fading and gives it a polished glossy appearance at all times.

Retains your car’s resale value

Used car buyers put great emphasis on the appearance of the vehicle. Even if your car runs smoothly, poor appearance can significantly lower down its resale value. Paint protection is important to retain your car’s resale value as it protects your exterior from environmental and superficial damage.

Provides scratch and chemical protection

Scratches build up moisture which eventually leads to rust. Similarly, chemicals from harsh cleaners and environmental elements lead to discoloration. PPF protects this damage by acting as a chemical barrier for your car’s exterior.

Invisible protection for your car

The best thing about PPF is that it’s completely invisible; no one would notice it. Paint protection will enhance the look of your car and keep its glossy finish. As long as you avoid harsh cleaners, you can clean your car like you normally would.

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Every package includes a hand wash, clay bar treatment (paint decontamination), & exterior detail post install.

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3M Certified Shop

At Tinterz, we not only offer auto, residential and commercial tinting, but also Premium Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wrap, and Ceramic Coating services. Our shops only offer industry leading products including Llumar, 3M and Avery Dennison. We are also the largest authorized dealer of PremiumShield in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have special coatings that are designed to add an additional layer of protection to the film. Adding a coating on top of PPF would add the wonderful self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties to the surface of the PPF.

Here are four items that nano-coatings and PPF share: 1) Protects Against Exposure to Harsh Elements 2) Prevents Paint Fading 3) Keeps Paint Looking Fresh and Clean 4) Blocks Swirl Marks or Chemical Stains

Our film Premium Shield Film is warrantied for 10-years. Paint protection film that needs replacement can be done by the panel or area.

Our paint protection film aka clear bra is warrantied for 10 years against a range of issues including yellowing.

Clear Bra AKA PPF



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