Commercial Window Tinting

Do work comfortably in every office of your building with 3M™ Window Films.
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When tenants complain about rooms that are too hot or you notice that your energy costs are trending skyward, 3M™ Window Films can help increase tenant comfort, conserve energy and even increase safety and security. Our films offer enhanced protection from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, bomb blasts and flying glass fragments. They could also simply help upgrade your glass to code.


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Reasons To Have Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting Orlando and Tampa, Florida

Save Energy

Reject the sun’s heat with 3M™ Window Films and reduce the cost of keeping your building comfortable. An estimated 33% of cooling expenses are due to solar heat gain from windows. That’s why cost-effective, energy-saving technologies like 3M™ Window Films are crucial to protecting your bottom line — by rejecting the sun’s heat to keep your space at an even, moderate temperature.

Improve Comfort

You can keep your tenants more comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat to help keep spaces at more even, moderate temperatures with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film. Application of window film is much, much less expensive than replacing all that glass, and the results rival or match the performance and appearance of new glass. Hot spots can make a work environment nearly unbearable.

Increase Security

Your building, and especially your windows, are vulnerable to the elements every day of the year. When windows break due to high winds, severe storms or accidental impacts, the cost to replace them could pale in comparison to the costs of lost business, physical harm and damaged property.

Protect yourself and your business from the risk of flying glass that could cause injuries and damage with 3M™ Safety & Security Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems.


Enhance Decor / Privacy

If you’re energized by natural light, you’ll want to take full advantage of the sunny spaces in your home. But if too much of a good thing makes you close the curtains, it’s time to do something about the glare.

3M™ Window Films control excessive light, so you can enjoy the light without the discomfort and annoyance of glare. See your screen or book clearly without straining your eyes. And work, relax or entertain in comfort – and in the sun – at any time of day.




Tinterz commercial window tinting provides aesthetics, comfort, energy savings. and protection. Get yourself free quote today with us for that peace of mind tomorrow!